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Earth Property Group works with you to create a strategy for maximising the value of your property. For some people that means subdivision and investment; for others it means renovation; still others it means leasing a property until it is the best time to sell.

Get outstanding property advice

The Director of Earth Property Group is David Liu. David is a friendly, personable, and experienced real estate agent. He began Earth Property Group because he saw people like you buying and selling property without being given the value of real estate agents’ wisdom.

The advice you get from an agent who understands your needs, wants and goals is good. When it’s paired with advice of an agent with deep knowledge of the property market, it’s better.

Earth Property Group is your property strategist

A property strategist is someone who takes your desired outcome, examines all the possibilities for getting there, and gives you the best path to the result.

Sometimes it’s not the right time to sell; and sometimes it’s not the right time to buy. Depending on your property, your suburb, and what your long-term goals are, you might be better off subdividing and selling to an investor. Or, you might get a better outcome by doing some simple renovations that lift your property’s value.

Access the international investor market

When you work with Earth Property Group, you are able to access the international investor market easily. David is an active member of the Chinese Business Network of South Australia, and speaks fluent Mandarin. He also has business networks in various other Asian countries..

Your opportunities are limitless

Talk to an Earth Property Group consultant today, and discover how you can maximise the value in your property. Whether you are buying or selling, the advice you get from our team is second to none.